Thursday, February 2, 2017

Intolerable Tolerance: The Paradox of Open-Mindedness

Discrimination, prejudice, and intolerance is alive and well in 21st century America and it's perpetuated by the Left.

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When I say "the Left" I'm not referring to your average, everyday liberal with a truly open mind and good intentions. I'm talking about the drivers of the liberal agenda. And when I say "agenda" I'm not talking about some consolidated, collusive, conspiracy. I'm talking about the disorganized yet collaborative efforts of the liberal media and politicians primarily driving the contradicting, controlling rhetoric of the Democratic party.

They preach tolerance without actually practicing it. It's quite convenient to politicize the notion of tolerance. In doing so, the argument transforms from a question of right and wrong to one of good and evil.

Progressive elites have essentially claimed a moral high ground. Anyone who expresses dissenting views is not only incorrect but inherently bigoted, biased, and bad.

Obviously this is a big brown bag of baby-back bullshit but it perfectly portrays the Psychosis of the Left; intolerance for the "intolerant" for the sake of "tolerance".