Thursday, November 17, 2016

male vs. Man

Being a male and a Man is not mutually inclusive. As you go through life it is important to realize you are born male, but must earn the title of Man. This is done through actions.

A Man keeps his cool in the face of adversity. A male allows anger to dictate. When a Man falls down, he faces failure head on. Eyes bright with determination, he stands up in spite of the odds and tries again. A male sits in the dirt and says, “It wasn’t worth the effort anyway”. A Man risks his heart, life, and wealth on opportunities that come his way. A male flees from risk and grips his wealth with white-knuckles. A Man is kind to all, yet commands respect from the most powerful people. A male looks down on those beneath him and does anything for those above him. A Man remains strong and healthy physically and mentally, keeping his body and mind prepared for anything that may come his way. A male becomes sedentary and complacent, lazy in both body and mind. A male is unprepared when life knocks him to the ground. A Man walks to his side, looks down, and extends a helping hand.